What Are The Benefits of Essential Oils for Horses: A Must-Have for Your Equine Companion!

What Are The Benefits of Essential Oils for Horses: A Must-Have for Your Equine Companion!
In the bustling world of equine care, there's a growing recognition of the profound benefits that essential oils can offer for our horses. With their ability to have a profound impact on equine health and simultaneously affect us through a shared sense of smell, essential oils represent a unique modality unlike any other. Join me as we delve into the captivating realm of essential oils, exploring their multifaceted advantages and why they're swiftly becoming an indispensable component of every horse owner's arsenal. But first, let's delve into the fundamentals: what exactly are essential oils?

Understanding Essential Oils

Essential oils boast a rich history spanning centuries and diverse cultures worldwide. Ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Greece, and Rome, harnessed these plant extracts for their healing properties, utilizing them in embalming, religious ceremonies, cosmetics, and medical treatments. Even the Bible makes numerous references to essential oils. Across time, essential oils have been noted for their multifaceted purposes, from alleviating physical ailments to enriching spiritual well-being.

Lavender, for example, was traditionally used to promote relaxation, relieve headaches, and soothe skin irritations. Interested in how lavender can specifically benefit your horse? Click HERE to delve deeper.

Peppermint was prized for its digestive benefits and ability to invigorate the mind and body. Living in a hot and dry climate, peppermint is one of my go-to essential oils. One of my favorite ways to use it is as a cooling after-exercise brace. Discover my favorite peppermint recipe HERE.

Aboriginal communities used tea tree oil topically as a natural antiseptic to treat wounds, cuts, burns, and infections. Curious about how to use tea tree oil effectively with your horse? Click HERE to learn more.

In addition to their historical medicinal uses, essential oils have played a significant role in cultural and ritualistic practices around the world. Indigenous cultures often used aromatic plants and oils in ceremonies, purification rituals, and spiritual healing. The burning of incense and the application of fragrant oils were believed to evoke divine energies, cleanse the spirit, and promote balance and harmony within the body and soul.

Today, essential oils continue to captivate enthusiasts with their versatility and efficacy in promoting well-being. With advances in scientific research and technology, we have gained a deeper understanding of the biochemical composition and wellness properties of essential oils. From aromatherapy and massage to skincare and household cleaning, essential oils are increasingly recognized for their holistic benefits and integrated into daily routines for enhanced health and wellness.

But what exactly are essential oils? Quite simply, essential oils are plant extracts. Have you ever broken a leaf and witnessed a fluid ooze out, or caught the delicate fragrance of orange blossoms in the air—that's the essence of essential oils at work, safeguarding the plant and contributing to its vitality. These potent extracts are sourced from various parts of plants, from the delicate petals of flowers to the sturdy roots of plants, even the resin from a tree. Each essential oil contains a complex blend of constituents, which imbue it with a unique aroma and a host of potential health benefits. 

Plant Uses and Natural Defenses

Essential oils serve as the plant's frontline defense against pests, pathogens, and environmental stressors. They are synthesized within specialized glands or cells in different plant tissues, where they play a crucial role in protecting the plant from harm and facilitating its growth and development. Whether emitted as a fragrant perfume to attract pollinators or deployed as a potent antimicrobial agent to fend off pathogens, essential oils are integral to the plant's survival and adaptation in its ecosystem. Just as essential oils fortify and nurture plants, they offer similar benefits to us, enhancing our well-being and vitality in profound ways.

Benefits for Horses and Humans

The benefits of essential oils extend beyond mere fragrance—they offer a holistic approach to equine wellness, supporting a myriad of physical and emotional concerns. For our equine companions, these oils can provide relief from discomfort, support immune function, and promote relaxation during periods of stress or tension. Interested in learning how to use essential oils to relax your horse? Click HERE for more information.

Additionally, essential oils can enhance the quality of life for horses with respiratory issues, muscular discomfort, or skin irritations, offering gentle yet effective support for common concerns. Moreover, the positive effects of essential oils aren't limited to our equine friends—humans can also reap the rewards of incorporating essential oils into their daily routines. Whether diffused in the barn to create a calming atmosphere or applied topically during grooming sessions, essential oils can foster a sense of tranquility and connection between horse and rider, deepening the bond between them.

Essential oils have the remarkable ability to anchor positive emotions and memories. By incorporating them into enjoyable and positive experiences with your horse, you can establish strong emotional connections that resurface whenever you use the same essential oil in the future. This phenomenon occurs because the sense of smell is intricately linked to the limbic system of the brain, which governs emotions in both humans and animals. 

This phenomenon is why certain scents can trigger vivid memories and emotions. For instance, the aroma of pumpkin spice may evoke memories of cozy holiday gatherings, while the scent of freshly baked cookies might transport you back to your grandmother's kitchen.

The Equine-Human Connection

At the heart of every successful partnership between horse and human lies a profound connection—one that transcends words. This bond is strengthened by moments of shared understanding, mutual respect, and genuine care. Essential oils, with their innate ability to evoke emotions and evoke memories, can play a role in nurturing this relationship. When applied with intention and mindfulness, essential oils can serve as a bridge between horse and rider, facilitating communication, trust, and harmony. Whether diffused in the barn to create a calming environment or incorporated into massage routines to promote relaxation, essential oils invite us to deepen our connection with our equine companions and celebrate the unique bond we share. To dive deeper into using essential oils with massage for your horse, click HERE.

Practical Application and Cost-Effectiveness

Incorporating essential oils into your equine care routine is simpler than you realize. One easy method is to wear the essential oil as perfume. Given that horses possess a far more acute sense of smell than humans, creating a relaxed atmosphere for yourself translates to a relaxed environment for your horse. By wearing the essential oil as perfume, not only do you effectively shed any emotional baggage before interacting with your horse, but you also promote a positive emotional state for your equine companion. You can simply pick an essential oil you like or experiment and have fun creating a signature perfume scent. To learn how to make your own perfume using essential oils, click HERE

Other easy options to incorporate essential oils into your horse care routine can be as simple as letting your horse smell directly from the bottle, creating a simple spray, or replacing toxic fly sprays and hoof preparations with DIY products made with essential oils. For two of my preferred DIY recipes—one for hooves and another for manes and tails—click HERE. With these techniques, you can even transform your tack room into a pleasantly fragrant space, eliminating that sweaty leather smell for good!

Additionally, essential oils can be cost-effective in the long run—a single bottle of oil can last a month or more, even with regular use. By investing in a few key oils and learning how to use them effectively, you can provide your horse with natural, holistic care while saving money in the process.

When selecting essential oils for your horse, prioritize quality and purity by choosing oils from reputable suppliers certified as pure and premium. Unfortunately, not all essential oils are created equal. Regulation falls under FDA requirements for perfumes, meaning not all ingredients need to be listed on the label. This lack of transparency can lead to common additives and synthetic versions being used to standardize aroma, compromising purity. 

Additionally, essential oils can vary from batch to batch due to environmental factors and growing conditions. Some companies may add fillers and other ingredients to cut costs and standardize aroma, further diminishing purity. 

Distillation, the primary process for obtaining essential oils from plants, is both an art and a science. Factors such as harvest times, distillation times, and the amount of plant material in the distillation equipment can all influence the quality of the oil produced. For example, ylang ylang must be hand-harvested due to the delicate nature of the flower, and specific harvesting times in the morning yield the highest quality oil.

We aim to harness the same benefits from essential oils that they provide to the plants they originate from, which cannot be replicated in a lab.

Safety and Quality Assurance

When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficacy of essential oils for your horse, purity is paramount. Opt for oils that contain only the essential oil from the plants—no fillers, additives, or synthetic substitutes. Problems associated with using essential oils often arise from impurities or adulteration. To safeguard your horse's well-being, it's crucial to start by reading labels.

Reading Labels and Ensuring Purity

Begin by scrutinizing product labels to identify any additives or unnecessary ingredients. Next, choose a reputable company that you know and trust. Ask pertinent questions to verify the purity and quality of their essential oils:

  • Do you own your farms?
  • Can I visit the farms?
  • Do you have fully equipped labs, and is each essential oil tested?
  • Do you have trained staff in aromas?
  • Do you visit suppliers' distilleries?
  • Do you test for peak harvest times?
  • Do you harvest at peak times?
  • Do you discard mistakes?
  • Do you distill without using solvents?
  • Do you bottle your own oils?
By asking these questions and selecting a company committed to transparency and integrity, you can confidently ensure that you're using pure essential oils that prioritize your horse's safety and well-being. If you'd like to check out my go to source for essential oils, click HERE!

Elevating Equine Wellness

Essential oils are more than just fragrant extracts—they're powerful allies in our quest for equine wellness. By understanding their origins, exploring their benefits, and embracing their practical application, we can unlock the transformative potential of these plants extracts for the benefit of our horses and ourselves. Whether diffused in the barn to create a peaceful environment, applied topically to soothe tired muscles, or integrated into grooming routines to promote relaxation, essential oils offer a natural, holistic approach to equine care that honors the innate connection between horse and human. As we continue on our journey of discovery and growth, let us remember the profound impact that essential oils can have on the well-being of our equine companions—and let us celebrate the beauty of this timeless partnership, grounded in love, respect, and the healing power of nature.

Ready to take your equine care to the next level? Join my 'Oily Horse Intro' course and unlock the full potential of essential oils for your horse. Discover the what, why, and where of using essential oils for horses, while learning practical techniques to seamlessly integrate them into your barn life. Gain confidence in nurturing your horse's well-being naturally and join a community of like-minded horse lovers on a journey to holistic equine wellness. Enroll now and embark on a transformative experience for both you and your horse! Click HERE!

Can You Use Rosemary Essential Oil on Horses?

Can You Use Rosemary Essential Oil on Horses?
Unlock the secrets of rosemary essential oil for holistic horse care. From muscle relief to mane and tail maintenance, discover how this versatile essential oil oil enhances your equine companion's well-being. Read more to revolutionize your horse's health care routine with the power of essential oils!


Harnessing the Calming Power of Roman Chamomile for Equine Wellness

Harnessing the Calming Power of Roman Chamomile for Equine Wellness
Relaxing Your Equine Companion: The Wonders of Roman Chamomile

One of my horses, Rolex, is currently on stall rest. He's handling it like a champ, but there's one thing that's caught my attention – his newfound fascination with Roman Chamomile essential oil. I've always loved the aroma of this essential oil and happened to have it in my pocket due to a particular stressful day (Roman Chamomile is renowned for its ability to alleviate feelings of tension). When I got to the barn, I decided to see how he liked it. He definitely perked up, smelled the bottle for a long time, then proceeded to try and eat the bottle-lol. There was definitely a noticeable change in his demeanor, as he can carry some worry even tho he's mostly calm. It's since become a part of our daily routine, a small but significant moment of connection in his stall that really seems to take the edge off. Lets dive in to Roman chamomile and what it can do for your horse!

Understanding Roman Chamomile:

Roman Chamomile, scientifically known as Chamaemelum nobile or Anthemis nobilis, is a perennial herb belonging to the Asteraceae family. It's native to Western Europe and North Africa, where it thrives in sunny, well-drained soils, boasting delicate, daisy-like flowers with white petals and yellow centers, and emitting a distinct apple-like aroma. 

Treasured for centuries for its wellness properties, particularly its calming effects, Roman Chamomile's essential oil contains bioactive compounds like chamazulene, bisabolol, and apigenin, contributing to its soothing and wellness qualities. 

Historically it was valued for its skin-soothing properties and its ability to promote relaxation and ease digestive discomfort. In modern times, Roman Chamomile remains prized for its versatility in aromatherapy, skincare, and digestive support, offering a natural remedy for overall well-being. Chamomile tea has become a staple in households as a bedtime relaxing beverage!

The Roman Connection:

The inclusion of "Roman" in the name "Roman Chamomile" carries with it a blend of historical significance and anecdotal charm. While there's a popular anecdote suggesting that the plant was named after a botanist who discovered it growing near the Roman Coliseum, the veracity of this claim remains uncertain. Instead, it's more likely that the association with Rome stems from the plant's historical usage by ancient Romans, who valued chamomile for its medicinal and aromatic properties. 

The name "Roman Chamomile" may have been chosen to distinguish it from other chamomile species and to emphasize its esteemed status within Roman culture. Today, two popular types of chamomile essential oil used are Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. While Roman Chamomile is celebrated for its gentle, apple-like aroma and calming properties, German Chamomile is known for its deep blue color. While I like to use use both with horses and dogs, Rolex's interest has Roman chamomile at the top of my list these days. 

Using Roman Chamomile with Your Horse:

To utilize Roman Chamomile for relaxation with your horse:
  • Offer the bottle for them to smell freely and as often as they'd like.
  • Apply a drop to your palms, rub them together, and allow your horse to smell your hands, repeating as desired.
  • Rub any residue on your horse's poll or the back of your neck for enhanced relaxation, recognizing that you are half the partnership with your horse and if you are calm and relaxed, you help them to be calm and relaxed. 
Practical Applications:

Creating a spritzer can also be a great way to use the essential oil to promote calmness, such as before the farrier's visit or during trailering. Make a spritzer and spray the area your horse will be in before you bring the horse to the area. For example the grooming stall or horse trailer. If using chamomile for skin benefits, simply spritz the desired area. For a step by step guide to making a spray with some of my favorite recipes, click HERE.

Making a roller bottle is another easy and fun way to use your essential oils with your horse. You can then roll the oil or blend on your pulse points wearing it as a perfume, you then become a walking diffuser for your horse. By the way, this is one of the easiest ways to get started using essential oils with your horse, to learn more-go HERE.

For my guide to making roll on, click HERE. This method also works well for supporting your horse's digestive system by applying topically to their stomach or rubbing on your hands and massaging their abdomen. 

Recipes for Relaxation:

Here are some of my favorite recipes for relaxation:

Roman Chamomile Massage Blend:
  • 10 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 5 drops Lavender
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 2 oz carrier oil (Like fractionated coconut oil, which is my fave. It's light, non greasy and absorbs quickly!)
Relaxation Spray:
  • 15 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 10 drops Cedarwood
  • 5 drops Vetiver
  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • distilled water and vodka ( or witch hazel)
Add the essential oils to the spray bottle then fill up halfway with vodka and halfway with water. The vodka helps mix the essential oil with water. Swap the vodka out for alcohol free witch hazel if you are using it on wounds. Remember to shake well each time you spray.

Relaxer Roller:
  • 10 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 5 drops Cedarwood
  • 5 drops frankincense
  • 10 ml roller bottle
  • carrier oil  (Like fractionated coconut oil, which is my fave. It's light, non greasy and absorbs quickly!)
By the way frankincense is another powerhouse essential oil I use all the time with my horses. It's a fabulous addition to blends you are using to calm or balance emotions. To read more about using frankincense with your horses, click HERE.

Nurturing Your Bond

With Roman Chamomile by your side, every moment with your equine companion can become an opportunity for relaxation and deeper connection. Incorporating Roman Chamomile into a horse care routine can yield numerous benefits for equine health and well-being. From aromatherapy to topical application, its gentle yet potent properties offer a natural solution for promoting relaxation, comfort, and overall wellness in horses. So, whether it’s a soothing massage or a calming aroma, let the power of nature nurture your horse's well-being and enrich your bond together.

Quality Matters:

When it comes to essential oils, quality matters. Not all oils are created equal, and it's crucial to choose trusted suppliers who prioritize purity and authenticity. A recent study, published in the Journal of Essential Oil Research (JEOR), found that over 75% of lavender oils tested were adulterated, underscoring the importance of sourcing from reputable companies.

One such company I trust is Young Living™, renowned for their Seed to Seal® commitment. Their rigorous quality control measures ensure that every bottle of essential oil meets the highest standards of purity and potency. If you're looking for premium quality oil you can trust, safe for your four legged family, I invite you to explore Young Living's™ offerings. Click HERE to learn more and grab a bottle of Roman chamomile for your horse!

(Please note that the provided link is an affiliate link, and I may earn a small commission from your order at no additional cost to you. Your support is greatly appreciated as it helps support my small business!) 

Essential Oils for Horse Massage: Which Ones are Best?

Essential Oils for Horse Massage: Which Ones are Best?
Hey there, fellow horse moms and wellness enthusiasts! As a massage therapist for horses for over 20 years, I've discovered the incredible synergy between two of my greatest passions: massage and essential oils. Today, we're delving into a topic that combines my love for these two worlds - essential oils for horse massage. Whether you're new to the world of essential oils or a seasoned pro, this guide will help you choose the best ones to enhance your horse's massage experience.

Introducing the Power of Massage

Before we dive deeper into the world of essential oils for horse massage, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible practice of massage itself. Massage is more than just a luxurious treat for your horse; it's a holistic therapy that nurtures their body and mind. This hands-on technique involves gentle manipulation of muscles and soft tissues, promoting relaxation, reducing tension, and improving circulation. But it doesn't stop there. Massage can also strengthen the bond between you and your equine companion, creating a sense of trust and well-being. Just like us, horses can benefit greatly from the soothing touch of massage, and when combined with the wellness properties of essential oils, the results can be truly remarkable. 

Understanding Essential Oils 

Before we delve into the world of essential oils and their potential benefits for your horse, let's take a moment to gain a deeper understanding of what these remarkable substances are all about.

Essential oils are nature's concentrated treasures, derived from the aromatic compounds found in different parts of plants, including leaves, flowers, bark, and roots. These oils are obtained through various extraction methods, such as steam distillation or cold pressing, which preserve their wellness properties.

Dating back to ancient civilizations, people have used these potent extracts for their natural healing and wellness benefits. And today, we continue to harness the power of essential oils to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Now, why are essential oils such a fantastic addition to your horse's massage routine? Well, these oils are not only aromatic but also packed with bioactive compounds that can have a positive impact on your horse's health. When applied, essential oils can complement the massage experience, offering a holistic approach to wellness for your equine companion.

So, as we journey deeper into the world of essential oils for horse massage, remember that we're tapping into a rich tradition of natural healing and well-being that spans across cultures and centuries. It's an exciting world to explore, and your horse is in for a treat!

Is it Safe to Use Essential Oils for Your Horse?

First, you might be wondering if essential oils are even safe for your horse. The answer is a resounding yes, but there are a few crucial points to keep in mind. The world of essential oils lacks stringent industry regulation, so quality is imperative. Always opt for high-quality, premium essential oils from reputable sources to ensure purity and efficacy.

Dilution is a also an important safety measure when working with essential oils, and here's where massage shines as an excellent method for their application. By blending essential oils with a carrier oil, you not only ensure the safety of your horse but also greatly reduce the likelihood of any adverse reactions. This approach also allows you to efficiently cover larger areas with only a small amount of essential oil. Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. When used responsibly, essential oils become a valuable addition to your horse's wellness routine. For a deep dive on diluting essential oils with horses, check out my dedicated blog HERE.

Now, you might be wondering, which carrier oil should you choose? Among the many options available, a few stand out as excellent choices, and one of my personal favorites is fractionated coconut oil.

Fractionated Coconut Oil - A Top Pick 

Fractionated coconut oil is truly a horse mom's best friend in the world of essential oils. Unlike regular coconut oil, which solidifies at cooler temperatures, fractionated coconut oil remains in a liquid state, making it incredibly convenient for massage purposes. It has a light, non-greasy texture, and it's well-absorbed by the skin, making it an ideal choice for your equine friend.

Another reason why fractionated coconut oil is a top pick is its neutral aroma. It won't overpower the scents of the essential oils you choose to use during the massage, ensuring a pleasant and harmonious experience for both you and your horse. 

Other Great Options 

In addition to fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil is another fantastic choice. It's renowned for its soothing and moisturizing properties, which can be particularly beneficial during a massage session. To read more about carrier oils, click HERE.

To create the perfect massage blend, simply mix your chosen essential oil or blend with your preferred carrier oil. This allows you to customize the aroma and wellness properties to match your horse's needs and preferences. Remember, essential oils are potent, so a little goes a long way. In general opt for a dilution ratio of about 5-10%. For my free dilution guide, click HERE.

Oils for Relaxation 

When it comes to helping your horse unwind from stress and tension, it's time to explore some fantastic essential oils that can work wonders. My top pick, without a doubt, is the ever-so-soothing lavender essential oil. Not only does lavender help relax tight muscles, but it's also renowned as one of the best essential oils for calming and promoting relaxation. Fun fact: Lavender got its name from the Latin word "lavare," which means "to wash." It's as if this oil gently washes away tension from your horse's body and mind.

Another favorite among my horses is Roman chamomile. It's remarkable to witness how they almost go into a trance-like state when exposed to this soothing oil. Chamomile is like a lullaby for equines, known for its calming properties that can help your horse relax and realign. 

And let's not forget about frankincense, a true go-to essential oil for balance and grounding. Beyond its calming influence, frankincense has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it a versatile addition to your horse's wellness routine. Known as the "king of oils," frankincense adds the perfect wellness touch to the massage experience, helping your horse rebalance and unwind. 

To dive more into relaxing your horse with essential oils, check out my blog HERE.

Energizing Oils 

On those days when your horse needs a revitalizing boost or more focus and concentration, it's time to explore some powerful essential oils that can provide the perfect pick-me-up during a massage session.

Peppermint's cool and refreshing aroma has been a favorite for centuries. It can help your horse recharge with renewed vitality and concentration. Just a few drops of this powerhouse oil can transform a regular massage into an invigorating experience, leaving your equine friend feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. Peppermint is renowned for its high menthol content, which has the unique ability to create a cooling effect on the skin. When applied during a massage, it can help soothe tired muscles and provide a sense of immediate relief. The cooling sensation from menthol can also help stimulate blood flow. This means that during your horse's massage, peppermint oil can promote improved circulation, aiding in the relaxation and recovery of their muscles.

Another remarkable oil to consider is black pepper essential oil. Known for its spicy, invigorating aroma, black pepper oil is like a shot of espresso for your horse's senses. Fun fact: Black pepper has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and it was even a prized spice during the ancient Roman Empire. This essential oil not only helps ease tight muscles but also adds a dose of vitality and focus to the massage experience.

Another fantastic choice is basil essential oil. Basil has a refreshing and herbaceous scent that can awaken the senses and enhance concentration. This aromatic herb has been cherished for its culinary and wellness properties for generations. When used during a massage, basil oil not only helps with muscle tension but also promotes mental clarity and alertness.


If your horse is dealing with muscle discomfort or joint stiffness, it's time to turn to the natural powerhouses of cypress, copaiba, and wintergreen essential oils. 

Cypress essential oil, derived from the evergreen cypress tree, has a long history of use for its soothing properties. Fun fact: Ancient civilizations regarded the cypress tree as a symbol of eternal life. This essential oil is known for its ability to promote circulation and reduce swelling. When applied during a massage, it can ease discomfort and provide a sense of relief for your horse's muscles and joints.

Copaiba essential oil is unique for its high beta-caryophyllene content, making it a true superstar in the world of natural wellness. Beta-caryophyllene is renowned for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits. When incorporated into your horse's massage routine, copaiba not only relieves discomfort but also supports their overall well-being.

Wintergreen essential oil is distinctively known for its methyl salicylate content, which gives it its signature minty aroma and cooling sensation. Fun fact: Methyl salicylate is often used in topical pain relief products. When applied to the skin, wintergreen can provide temporary relief from muscle and joint discomfort. It's like nature's ice pack, offering a sense of comfort during a massage.

By the way, if your horse is suffering from joint discomfort, grab even more info and tips by clicking HERE.


If you want to provide your horse with respiratory support during their massage, consider incorporating essential oils known for their respiratory benefits. Eucalyptus oil, with its refreshing and invigorating scent, is an excellent choice. It can help clear the airways and promote easier breathing. 

Consider spearmint essential oil as an alternative choice. Derived from the Mentha spicata plant, it boasts a rich history of use dating back to ancient civilizations who appreciated its role in alleviating respiratory discomfort. Spearmint's distinctive sweet and minty aroma is largely attributed to its high carvone content. Fun fact: Carvone is widely recognized for its digestive properties and its knack for soothing stomachs. If your horse tends to experience digestive issues and you're looking to provide support in this area, crafting a massage oil with spearmint and gently massaging it onto the abdomen can be an excellent approach.

Simplicity in Using Massage Oil

Using massage oil for your horse is easy, and it's all about customization. Simply pick your preferred carrier oil and essential oils, blend them together, and gently massage it in. Whether you choose a single essential oil based on your desired outcome or opt for a blend, the process is straightforward. 

In most cases, a dilution of 5-10% of essential oils is perfectly adequate for a safe and effective massage experience. However, if your horse is sensitive, dealing with specific health issues, or you're just starting out using essential oils with them, opt for a lower dilution ratio. For example, for an approximate 5% dilution, use about 20 drops of essential oil to half a cup of carrier oil. For my handy 'Quick Dilution Guide', click HERE. You have the flexibility to tailor the experience to your horse's unique needs and preferences. Now, let's explore some of my favorite blends to inspire your next massage session!

Discomfort Relief Massage Oil Blend 

  • 1/2 cup Carrier Oil 
  • 10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Cypress Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Wintergreen Essential Oil
Relaxing Relief Massage Oil Blend 

  • 1/2 cup Carrier Oil 
  • 8 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 8 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
Peppy Massage Blend😉

  • 1/2 cup Carrier Oil 
  • 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Basil Essential Oil
Deep Breathing Massage Oil Blend 

  • 1/2 cup Carrier Oil 
  • 10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Spearmint Essential Oil
Everyday Vitality Blend Massage Oil Blend 

  • 1 cup Carrier Oil 
  • 10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops Cypress Essential Oil
So, fellow horse moms and wellness enthusiasts, it's time to embark on a journey of well-being for your equine friends like never before. The synergy of massage and essential oils offers a profound way to nurture your horse's body and mind. Remember, safety is key, so choose quality oils, dilute responsibly, and pamper your horse with the perfect blend. 

Now that you've got a taste of this exciting world, why not take the next step? Join my 'Oily Horse Intro' course and dive deeper into the art of using essential oils for your horses. Your equine companions will thank you with every relaxed stride and contented nuzzle. Let's make their lives even better, one essential oil at a time! Click HERE!🐴💆‍♀️✨

Top 10 Essential Oils Every Horse Mom Should Have

Top 10 Essential Oils Every Horse Mom Should Have
Hey there fellow horse moms! 🐎 If you're like me, you want nothing but the best for your equine companions. That's why I'm thrilled to share with you the top 10 essential oils that should be a staple in every horse mom's toolkit, including some amazing blends. 

But before we dive into the must-have oils, let's take a moment to understand what essential oils are and how they can be safely used for your horse's well-being.

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts derived from plants. They capture the aromatic and therapeutic essence of the plant they come from. These oils are obtained through various methods such as steam distillation, cold-pressing, or solvent extraction. Each oil carries the unique properties and benefits of the plant it originates from. For example, lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers, while peppermint oil comes from peppermint leaves.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Horse?
Now, you may be wondering if essential oils are safe for your horse. The answer is yes, they can be, but there are essential considerations. First and foremost, quality matters. Always choose high-quality, premium and pure essential oils from reputable sources. Check in with the company you are buying from and make sure the oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and potency.

Dilution: A Vital Step in Essential Oil Safety
Essential oils are potent, and an important practice for safety is dilution, especially if you or your horse are new to using them. Diluting essential oils serves multiple purposes - it reduces the risk of skin reactions and allows for easy application over larger areas. While some essential oils can be applied undiluted, it's advisable to dilute, particularly when starting. As you become more experienced and understand your horse's preferences, you can make that choice.

Tailoring to Your Horse's Unique Needs
Every horse is unique, and what works perfectly for one might not suit another, even if it's considered a 'mild oil.' If you  observe a reaction after applying an essential oil, don't worry. The solution is simple - add a generous amount of carrier oil. Essential oils are attracted to fats, so carrier oils serve as a binder. This slows down the absorption rate, helping your horse handle the oil.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils with confidence and adapt them to your horse's individual requirements.

Let's get started with my top 10 essential oils for horses!

  1. Lavender Essential Oil 🌿
    • Lavender essential oil is indeed a powerhouse among essential oils, earning its nickname as the "Swiss army knife of oils." Lavender is a must-have for its calming properties. It's perfect for soothing nervous or anxious horses and can  promote relaxation. Its natural wellness properties make it a go-to solution for minor cuts, scrapes, and insect bites, acting as a fragrant first aid kit for your horse's skin. Additionally, lavender's magic extends to mane and tail care, and can also promote a healthy and shiny coat. For more ways to use lavender essential oil with your horse, click HERE.
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil 🌱
    • Peppermint essential oil deserves a spotlight too, as it's a versatile oil that can offer your horse multiple benefits. Peppermint oil is fantastic for digestion and can help with stomach discomfort. It's also refreshing for your horse during hot weather. Beyond aiding digestion and soothing the stomach, peppermint oil can also be a game-changer when it comes to your horse's muscles, joints, and respiratory system. To really dive into what peppermint can do, along with a few of my favorite recipes, click HERE.
  3. Frankincense Essential Oil 🌳
    • Frankincense essential oil is truly nature's balancing act when it comes to equine wellness. This oil possesses remarkable properties that can help restore harmony to your horse's physical and emotional state. Frankincense is known for its ability to help balance emotions, making it an ideal choice for calming nervous horses or aiding in training sessions. Additionally, it's a skin-loving oil, with the capacity to rejuvenate and support healthy skin. Wellness properties also make it an ideal go-to for overall health support. For my top ways to use frankincense essential oil with your horse, click HERE.
  4. Tea Tree Essential Oil 🌿
    • Tea tree essential oil, derived from the leaves of the native Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree, is a powerhouse of wellness properties for your horse. Traditionally used by Indigenous Australians for centuries, this oil is celebrated for its wound care abilities. It's a perfect choice for supporting minor cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations. Beyond skin care, tea tree oil lends a helping hand in hoof care. Its properties can assist in maintaining healthy hooves and supporting common issues like thrush. Click HERE for my dedicated blog on tea tree oil.
  5. Cedarwood Essential Oil🌲
    • Cedarwood essential oil is like a tranquil retreat for your horse. Derived from the wood of cedar trees, this oil exudes a soothing and grounding aroma that can create a sense of calm in your equine companion. Beyond its calming effects, cedarwood is a valuable addition to your horse's wellness routine. It can help repel insects, providing a natural shield against bothersome critters during outdoor adventures. Cedarwood also supports healthy skin, and adds a shine to the mane and tail. It's a win-win for your horse's well-being. For all things cedarwood with your horse, check out my blog HERE.
  6. Copaiba Essential Oil 🌲
    • Copaiba essential oil, sourced from the resin of Copaifera trees in South America, is a natural remedy that offers soothing benefits for your horse. This oil is celebrated for its wellness properties and can be a game-changer in providing support for horses with joint discomfort or muscle tension. Copaiba acts as a gentle support for your horse's overall well-being. Beyond its physical benefits, copaiba's mild aroma can also have a calming effect, making it a valuable tool for reducing tension and promoting relaxation in your equine companion. Incorporating copaiba into your horse's care routine can help them feel more comfortable and content. 
  7. Lemongrass Essential Oil 🌱
    • Derived from the tall, aromatic grasses of tropical regions, lemongrass essential oil is a revitalizing boost for your equine friend. Its fresh and citrusy scent not only uplifts the spirit but can also help deter unwanted pests during outdoor activities. Lemongrass oil is known for its wellness properties that may support tendon health and contribute to the well-being of your horse's hoof structure. 
  8. Cypress Essential Oil 🌲
    • Derived from the mighty cypress trees, cypress essential oil offers versatile benefits for your equine companion. Its earthy and woody aroma not only creates a calming atmosphere but also provides advantages for your horse's well-being. Cypress oil is has been studied for its potential to improve circulation, making it beneficial for local application to healing areas that need more support. Horses that stock up may benefit form a liniment made with cypress oil. It can also aid in muscle and joint discomfort.
  9. Digize™ Blend from Young Living™ 🌿
    • Digize™ is a powerful essential oil blend from Young Living™, specifically created to support digestive health. This unique blend combines the power of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli essential oils, all carefully selected for their digestive support properties. By incorporating Digize™ into your horse's wellness routine, you can help to promote a balanced and healthy digestive system. Diluted and applied topically on the belly, this blend can provide targeted support for digestion. Digize™ is my go to blend to help ease stomach discomfort and reduce occasional digestive disturbances.
  10. Valor™ Blend from Young Living™ 🌿
    • Are you looking to boost your horse's confidence and create a harmonious connection? Look no further than Young Living's™ Valor™ Blend. Valor™ is a unique blend of empowering essential oils that can support emotional balance and well-being in horses. By combining Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, Geranium, and Frankincense, this carefully crafted blend promotes courage and tranquility in horses during challenging situations. Whether you're looking to assist your horse during training, competitions, or when faced with new environments, Valor™ is a reliable ally that can help your equine friend find strength and courage to overcome obstacles. Valor™ is one blend that I always have in my pocket at a horse show and to see how I use it at a horse show, click HERE.
Now that We Have Our Top Ten Oils, How Do We Use Them?

Now that we've identified the top ten essential oils every horse mom should have, let's explore how to put these aromatic wonders to work. If you are choosing an essential oil for calming or balancing emotions, a delightful way to begin is by letting your horse choose their preferred scent. 

Pick 2 of the essential oils from above and offer each one to your horse. Allow your horse to investigate and see what happens. They might nudge one, indicating their preference. Once they choose an oil, you can let them smell it directly from the bottle or apply a drop in your hand and offer your hands to your horse. Let them smell for as long as they want, then apply the residual oil on the back of your neck – remember, you're half of this partnership, and your emotions matter too!

For topical application, begin by adding a dollop of carrier oil to your palm (For more insights on carrier oils and dilution for horses, check out my dedicated blog post HERE). Next, add a drop or two of your desired essential oil to the carrier oil and rub your hands  together. Then gently rub this mixture onto the specific area that needs support. 

Consider creating a roller bottle for topical use. With a DIY roller bottle, you'll always have a diluted essential oil ready to apply, whether at the barn or on the go. For a step-by-step guide on making your own roller bottle, click HERE.

Incorporating essential oils into your horse's wellness routine can be a game-changer. From the soothing embrace of lavender to the revitalizing power of peppermint, these oils offer a holistic approach to support your equine companion. Whether you're looking to calm their nerves, provide targeted relief, or simply enhance their overall well-being, the top ten essential oils every horse mom should have are your trusted allies. Experiment, bond, and explore the countless ways these natural remedies can enhance the partnership you share with your horse.

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Moreover, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the world of essential oils and as a token of my appreciation, I'll include a special gift when you make a purchase through my link. Rest assured, there are no additional costs for you, and your support through my link directly contributes to a small business committed to enhancing the health and well-being of both you and your beloved companions!
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