Essential Oils For Horses-Recipes I Love!
Essential oils offer an all-natural and cost efficient way to support your horse's health and wellbeing. Why spend a fortune on expensive chemical products for horse care, when you can make your own safe and natural alternatives? Here are two of my favorite recipes using essential oils: a hoof spray to ward off ‘gunk’; and mane detangler that not only helps release knots without damaging hair but also can support hair growth and provide a calming aroma! Try these two popular recipes today; you’ll love them! Download the recipes HERE!

Hoof Spray

I was definitely tired of turning the barn aisle green and having to wear gloves to apply a product to my horses hooves. This essential oil hoof spray recipe helps keep your horses hooves 'gunk' free, without needing gloves or turning your hands different colors. 

You will need:
A spray bottle-glass and stainless steel are ideal as essential oils degrade plastic. You can use plastic as that is a much safer option than glass at a barn, just be sure to use a high quality PET or HDPE chemically resistant plastic for durability and longevity of the bottle.
Essential oil- I definitely have my favorites for this recipe which are Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, and Oregano. Other essential oils I have used successfully are Lemongrass, Rosemary, Thyme and Eucalyptus. If you only have one of the essential oils listed, use that one and see how it gos. Essential oils can be very adaptogenic and plants use their essential oils to maintain their viability, so use what you have and see what happens. 

Vodka or apple cider vinegar- I prefer vodka because it has no aroma. It helps to disperse the essential oil into the water and then evaporates quickly leaving the essential oil residue behind. I've seen many recipes using only apple cider vinegar with successful reports but in times when I have used apple cider vinegar instead of vodka, I haven't been able to discern a true difference and since apple cider vinegar has an aroma, I prefer vodka. Use one or the other, no need to use both. 

Water- I always prefer using purified or distilled water in my recipes as the impurities have been removed. However, you can use tap water, especially for a recipe that will be used up quickly. With the addition of the essential oils and vodka, I dont think you have to worry so much about longevity of the mixture. 

Fill your spray bottle up halfway with water and halfway with vodka, leave room at the top to add the essential oils. I like to use a 16 oz. spray bottle, so I add 1 cup vodka and 1 cup water. Then add your essential oils. I add 60 drops of essential oil per 2 cups. So for a 16 oz. spray bottle, I add:

30 drops Tea Tree
20 Drops Oregano
10 drops Clove

Shake well and spray this mixture on the white line, frog, bars, and sole of your horses hooves after picking out. I use daily if my horses hooves seem 'gunky'. If I'm using it as a preventative, I'll maybe spray two or three times a week. 

Mane Detangler
This is very easy to make and the essential oils I like to use give off a very calming aroma, making this a perfect addition to help your horse relax as well as keep the mane tangle free. 

8 oz. spray bottle
2 TBS All Natural Conditioner (I like to use Young Living's Copaiba & Vanilla Conditioner) You can also sub out a carrier oil for this like fractionated coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil. 
6 oz. water
20 drops each Rosemary, Lavender, and Cedarwood
(or 30 drops each Frankincense and Cedarwood)

Add the conditioner to the spray bottle, then add your essential oils and swirl to mix. Then add the water and after adding the spray top, really shake it well until the conditioner is fully blended with the essential oils and water. Spray on the mane and hand comb out or use a hair pick (this helps eliminate breaking hair or pulling it out). Shake well each time you spray and spray as often as needed if you are getting tangles out. If you are using as a preventative, I usually will comb through my horses mane a couple times a week. You can even use this as a coat conditioner. I live in a hot and very dry climate, so I like to apply it during brushing, as it helps keep the dust down.

By using essential oils with your horse, you have the opportunity to create a healthier and more wholesome environment for both you and your horse. Not only will essential oils help support health and wellness, but they’re also an effective substitute for toxins that are commonly found in barns. For a fantastic source of natural products, give making your own barn products a try. With a few basic ingredients, it’s more cost-efficient than purchasing from the market - plus it can be great fun! With this knowledge, I encourage you to take initiative by creating your own hoof spray and mane detangler. Don't forget to download the recipes HERE!

And if you need more assistance to get started using essential oils with your horse, don't forget to grab my free guide to getting started using essential oils with your horse by clicking HERE– it has all the info you need to get started!

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