Unlock the Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

Unlock the Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil
Have you heard about Copaiba essential oil and wondering what it is? Derived from the resin of the copaiba tree in South America, this remarkable essential oil offers a wealth of benefits with its unique aroma. You can use it for a number of applications, including skincare, hair care, natural health remedies, as an ingredient in aromatherapy recipes, and even with your dogs and horses! Let’s explore using copaiba essential oil.

What is Copaiba Essential Oil?

Copaiba essential oil is a powerful natural remedy extracted from the resin of the Brazilian Copaifera reticula tree. The resin used to make Copaiba essential oil has been used by indigenous people throughout South America for centuries for a variety of purposes. This pale yellow-colored oil has a warm, sweet aroma that will fill your space with a pleasant and woodsy scent.

One of the main components that makes copaiba so beneficial is beta-caryophyllene (BCP), which has been studied as an anti-inflammatory agent. Copaiba oil has also been studied for antimicrobial activity and can help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Plus, it may contain antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants can help protect skin from free radical damage caused by environmental pollutants like smoke or dust particles.

Uses of Copaiba Essential Oil

The most common use for copaiba essential oil is in aromatherapy recipes; the soothing scent can be used to create calming blends for tension relief or blends for focus and concentration. You can also use it topically or diffuse it into your home to help your immune system. Copaiba works well to freshen up stale air. Additionally, many people love using copaiba on their skin and for hair care.

I like to add a drop of copaiba and a drop of tea tree essential oil to my dollop of shampoo when I wash my hair. Not only does it support my scalp, but then my hair carries the wonderful aroma around all day. 

If you have a teething baby, you might want to dilute copaiba with a carrier oil and give it a try. The properties may help soothe gums while easing discomfort with no harmful chemicals that can be found in other over-the-counter treatments.

Copaiba essential oil is a safe choice when considering aromatherapy for dogs. The best way to enjoy the calming benefits of copaiba with dogs is by becoming a walking diffuser by wearing copaiba oil as a perfume and also by diffusing it around the home in an essential oil diffuser. One of my favorite calming diffuser blends for my dogs is:

2 drops copaiba
2 drops lavender
2 drops vetiver

You can even apply it topically by adding it to an all natural shampoo before bathing them, or diluting it in a carrier oil like coconut oil and massaging it onto their fur or your muscles and joints! Here's a massage oil recipe I like to make that works wells for using copaiba for discomfort. 

Copaiba Massage Oil
1 cup fractionated coconut oil
20 drops copaiba essential oil
20 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil

Combine all the ingredients in a high quality plastic bottle and invert the bottle a few times to mix well before you apply it. Add a dollop to your palms and rub into desired area.

If you're looking for a less greasy alternative for your horses and dogs, you can make a spray:

Copaiba Discomfort Spritzer
Grab a 4 oz. glass spritzer bottle and add:
10 drops copaiba essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
2 TBS vodka

Then fill up the remainder of the bottle with filtered water. Shake well each time before you use and simply spray desired area and massage in. 

There are also many advantages to using copaiba essential oil with horses. When used correctly and safely, copaiba can allow horses to relax and focus on the tasks at hand. Copaiba can also help horses with physical discomfort. To use copaiba with horses, you can wear it as a perfume, add a drop to your hand and let your horse inhale deeply for as long as they want, or dilute it in a carrier oil and then apply the mixture topically to the desired area. 

It is important that you speak to your holistic veterinarian before using essential oils with your dogs and horses, including copaiba essential oil. Essential oils are not a substitute for veterinary care and are not meant to treat or cure illness or disease. 

Young Living Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ͘
I use Young Living™ Essential oils, especially since I also use essential oils with my dogs and horses. Quality is one of the number 1 determining factor of whether an essential oil can be safe to use with pets. The second is dilution with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Fore more information on carrier oils, click HERE.

Young Living's quality assurance process called Seed To Seal™ ensures that each bottle contains premium, pure copaiba essential oil and nothing else. Young Living also uses sustainable farming practices and gives back to the communities their farms are in. 

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Copaiba essential oil offers a wide range of benefits for you and your fur family. Thanks to its unique composition of monoterpenes and beta caryophyllene compounds. It has qualities that can help ease discomfort and tension and benefit skin and hair. Plus, copaiba may contain antioxidant properties that protect against free radical damage– all while providing an inviting aroma when diffused into your home! 

Whether using it as part of your aromatherapy regimen, for its skin benefits, or with your horses and dogs – don't miss out on unlocking all the amazing ways copaiba essential oil could benefit you and your fur kids health. 
Again quality is everything for safety, with dilution!

If ya need more help getting started using essential oils with your horses and dogs, download my free PDF guides.... click HERE FOR HORSES and HERE FOR DOGS)