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Meet elissa hambright

Hey there, lovely souls! I'm a wellness enthusiast with a heart full of love for horses, dogs, and the magic of natural remedies. 🐴🐶✨

Based in sunny Tucson, AZ, I'm not just your average massage therapist for horses and dogs; I'm their wellness advocate! 🐾🌿 My journey is all about embracing the power of essential oils and crafting a toxin-free haven for our furry friends. 🌱🐕

But that's not all! I'm on a mission to empower fellow dog and horse moms to join me on this holistic adventure. 🐎❤️ Together, we'll explore the world of essential oils, wellness routines, and building online businesses. 🌐✨

When I'm not busy spreading love to our four-legged companions, you'll find me in the saddle, mastering the art of dressage and working equitation. 🏇💃 And let's not forget my years of experience in combined driving and as a certified veterinary technician!

Join me on this incredible journey towards wellness, empowerment, and a toxin-free lifestyle. 🌈 Let's create a community that's as vibrant as our passions! 💪💕 

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