Discover the Benefits of Mastrante Essential Oil
As an essential oil enthusiast, I'm always looking for new, versatile, and beneficial essential oils to add to my collection. I decided to give Mastrante essential oil a try, and it quickly became a favorite essential oil that I use for myself and my horses and dogs! Let me share with you why Mastrante has earned a permanent place in my wellness routine and how it can benefit you and your animal companions!

Quick Recap on Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that capture the natural scent and beneficial properties of their source. The help protect the plant and support vital functions of the plant. Unfortunately when it comes to quality, not all essential oils are created equal. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does regulate essential oils, but there are loopholes that can affect the purity and efficacy of the products on the market. That's why it's crucial to thoroughly vet the companies you purchase from.

I personally recommend my go-to company, which I trust for their transparent Seed to Seal™ process. I've had the privilege of visiting their farms, helping with planting, and even participating in the distillation process. This hands-on experience reassures me that I'm getting the purest essential oils available. This level of purity is one of my top safety factors, especially when using essential oils with my horses and dogs.

For pure, high-quality essential oils that you can trust, check out my recommended company HERE. Their commitment to excellence ensures that you and your pets receive only the best.

The Historical Background of Mastrante Essential Oil

Native Origins

Mastrante, also known as bushy lippia or Lippia alba, is a member of the Verbenaceae family. It is native to South and Central America, however it grows abundantly in regions with warm climates such as southern Texas. The plant is a woody, aromatic shrub with pretty purple flowers and is highly valued for its wellness properties.

Traditional Uses

The indigenous people of South and Central America have utilized the leaves of this aromatic plant for centuries. Traditionally, the leaves were used to make infusions and teas believed to aid in digestion, alleviate respiratory issues, and reduce fevers.

Culinary and Cultural Significance

Mastrante has also found a place in traditional cuisine. In Mexico, for example, the leaves are sometimes used in the preparation of molé sauces, imparting a unique herbaceous and slightly sweet flavor. This culinary use highlights the plant's versatility and cultural significance in the region.

Now, let's explore the aromatic affect of Mastrante essential oil.

Mastrante essential oil boasts a unique, herbaceous aroma with a delicate note of sweetness and an earthy undertone. I find this aroma very relaxing and several of my horses really gravitate towards this oil. I find it to be very balancing and grounding and have used it to take the edge off during stressful situations like trailering or vet visits. 

Sometimes, I find that more flowery calming essential oils, like lavender, can occasionally seem to attract bees, but I haven't noticed that with Mastrante. 

As a massage therapist, I'm also always concocting muscle rubs and I find Mastrante beneficial to help sooth tired muscles and discomfort. After an intense training session, I'll often make a brace for my horse and I've been adding Mastrante in addition to Peppermint essential oil.

I also find the earthy aroma and sweet aroma of Mastrante much more tolerable than tea tree essential oil, so I've been swapping Mastrante for tea tree in many of my hoof care recipes and skin support roller balls. 

Interestingly enough, when I took out the bottle to try with my dogs, my hyper min pin, focused intently on the bottle and seemed to relax and focus a bit more on me. I decided to diffuse it while I work at my computer and I think it's one of the oils I'll start to reach for for focus and clarity!

Practical Uses

Three key constituents found in Mastrante—limonene, carvone, and germacrene D—have been studied for their antimicrobial activity. This study on found all three compounds to possess antimicrobial activity, making Mastrante oil of considerable value for radiant-looking skin.

Using Mastrante essential oil in skincare recipes promotes healthy skin. Its soothing properties make it a fantastic addition to your daily skincare routine or a skin salve for your dog or hoof oil recipe for your horse. You could simply grab some olive oil from your pantry for a quick dilution. Alternatively, try adding a few drops to your favorite vegetable oil complex or moisturizer and apply it to the desired area.
To use Mastrante oil for a calming effect, try massaging it into the bottoms of your feet with a carrier oil. You could also focus on the vita flex points to enhance feelings of relaxation and support the body's energy centers. 

One of my favorite personal uses for this oil is a relaxing foot rub before bed.This simple practice helps me wind down after a long day of physical activity at the barn. I also often blend this with Idaho balsam fir for even more help for tired feet.

Diffusing essential oils is an easy way to fill your home with a comforting atmosphere that can benefit you and your dogs. For my tips on safely diffusing essential oils at home with your dog, click HERE.

You could use simple diffusers like adding a few drops to a cotton ball or wooden clothespin and stashing in strategic areas at the barn like outside your horses stall or in the trailer. if you have electricity in your tackroom, take advantage of the aromatic effect of mastrante by diffusing it to get rid of sweaty leather smell or promote a peaceful environment. 

In my quest to create a toxin-free household, I've discovered the benefits of incorporating Mastrante essential oil into my homemade cleaners and hand soap. Its properties make it a powerful addition to cleaning solutions, ensuring that my home is not only clean but also free from harmful chemicals. If you're interested in learning more about how to replace toxins in your home with natural cleaners, check out my blog for tips and recipes, HERE!

Spiritual Interpretation of Mastrante Essential Oil

Understanding that essential oils can have effects beyond the physical realm is what I like to call spiritual interpretation. When we smell an essential oil, it passes over olfactory receptors in the nose and travels to the limbic system of our brain, which is directly tied to our emotions. This is why inhaling an aroma can immediately evoke a memory or emotion. The spiritual interpretation of essential oils considers these effects on our emotional and spiritual well-being, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Using essential oils in this way can directly benefit our horses and dogs by helping them with their emotions. However, what's even more significant is that our animals' emotions are directly tied to ours. Have you ever noticed how if you're having a bad day at the barn, your horse doesn't seem to want to cooperate either? Or if you're sad, you might find your dog feeling down as well? We are half the equation, and the first step in helping our animals have an improved emotional state is by ensuring we have one too.

Mastrante essential oil boasts properties that hold significant spiritual and emotional value for us and our animals:
  • Grounding and Centering: We can use it to stabilize our emotions while at the barn so we can be calm and confident leaders for our horses. I also find this a good oil to diffuse during mediation or for a calm home vibe for the dogs.
  • Enhancing Clarity and Focus: Mastrante's aroma helps foster focus and introspection, making it a good choice to inhale deeply before a training session or lesson. If you have a horse that has trouble focusing, let them inhale deeply as often as needed as well. 
  • Promoting Emotional Balance: Like us, horses an dogs can benefit from the emotional balance that Mastrante oil provides. This can be especially useful for animals that are easily stressed or tense, helping them feel more at ease and balanced.
  • Supporting Energy Centers: A useful addition to therapies and modalities that balance energy centers.
  • Creating a Sacred Space: Diffusing Mastrante oil can enhance spiritual rituals, prayer, meditation, and help create a relaxing home vibe. I find this super useful for a house full of barky chihuahuas-lol!
In conclusion, Mastrante essential oil is a versatile and beneficial addition to any essential oil enthusiast's collection. Its soothing properties make it a fantastic choice for skin care recipes, relaxation, and emotional balance. 

For our animal companions, Mastrante can help support their emotions and overall well-being, reflecting the strong connection between human and animal emotions. 

Whether you're using it for its practical benefits or its spiritual significance, Mastrante essential oil offers new tips and fun ways to enhance your well-being, creating a tranquil environment for you and your animals.

Visit this link to order your bottle of Mastrante essential oil and discover why it’s one of my top picks for creating a calm and healthy environment for you and your animals. By the way, this is an affiliate link, which helps support my passion for improving the lives of horses and dogs. Your purchase not only ensures you get the highest quality essential oil but also supports my mission. Once you've ordered send me an email to, and I'll reach out with a thank you gift!


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