Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends You Need When Traveling!
Let's face it, these days traveling is tough! Masks, tests, requirements, canceled flights, delays...the list gos on-haha! Thankfully I have a secret weapon to keep my emotions in check and support my health when traveling....drum guessed it-essential oils! 

One of the easiest ways to use essential oils when you travel is to make a roller bottle. I like to buy empty 10 ml roller bottles on Amazon, and add essential oils and a carrier oil. New dual sided roller bottles are now available from Young Living™ and they are the bomb! One end is a roller and the other is a drip! Check them out HERE.You can also recycle your empty essential oil bottles (fill with your blend and carrier oil and use by the drop or by adding a roller fitment). Roller fitments are available thru Young Living™ or Amazon. Making a roller bottle is easy, quick, and keeps your essential oils safe and at the ready for quick application. For a step by step guide to making a roller bottle, click HERE.

Recently, I just returned from Salt Lake City and my flights were canceled not only once...but TWICE...yikes, I could feel the steam coming outa my ears...then I reached for my roller bottle made with my favorite calming oil blend....rubbed some on my wrists...rubbed my wrists together...inhaled deeply...and I could feel the stress melting away...then I rolled some on the back of my neck for good measure-hah!

Why do essential oils works so well for our emotions? Our sense of smell is directly tied to the emotional center of our brain, aka the limbic's why a smell can trigger a memory like baking with grandma...or a disagreement with something you ate! Within about 5 seconds, those tiny molecules of essential oils pass over our olfactory receptors and enter into our over 20 years as a massage therapist , I haven't found anything that can work as quickly to change my mood! That's just the beginning, essential oils can support our wellness too!

Did you know a recent study concluded in 2021 (randomized, double-blinded, and placebo controlled) sponsored by Franklin Health Research (registered on NCT04980573) with results published on ScienceDirect has the outcomes of:

  • Shown to promote increased energy levels in women who inhaled Young Living Longevity ™ Essential Oil blend twice daily for 14 consecutive days
  • Shown to decrease fatigue levels and increase vigor levels in women who inhaled Young Living Longevity ™ Essential Oil blend twice daily for 14 consecutive days
  • Shown that aromatherapy with Young Living Longevity ™ Essential Oil blend can provide a novel non-invasive approach to improving energy and decreasing levels of fatigue in women
I have 4 roller bottle blends I never leave home without!  I always like to carry my 'It's Peoply Out There' blend, 'Wellness Blend', my 'Tension Melter' blend, and my 'I've Got Too Much Luggage' blend. I've included my honorable mentions blends here as well. Sometimes I run out of an essential oil or I get bored so I make the runners up instead. 

Also, we all like different aromas!  I'm not particularly fond of Patchouli essential oil, yet my friend wants it in every one of her blends! It's good to have choices! We all can respond to essential oils in different ways, so eyeball the recipes, trust'll gravitate to one or the other based on essential oils listed...then try the blend out and see how ya like it! Does it evoke feelings of calm or make you happy. Do you get a sense of relaxation or do you suddenly get an extra burst of energy? Feel free to experiment! Use these recipes as a base to start. Recently I tried a new blend in a diffuser and the difference of using 6 drops versus 10 was more than I would have thought...completely changed the vibe of the aroma. 6 drops actually smelled like the label..."Seaside" (essential oil blend from the new Simplified™ Jacob & Kait line from Young Living™)....and 10 drops gave it a cool citrus vibe, but not one where I thought of the beach!

For the following recipes, add the essential oils to your roller bottle, then fill up the remainder of the roller bottle with a carrier oil. I like to use fractionated coconut oil, which is simply coconut oil processed to stay liquid. It's light, non-greasy, and soaks into the skin well. You can use any carrier oil ya like tho...olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc...

I like to apply the calming oil blend throughout my journey, anytime I feel 'my blood begin to boil' over this or that... I think it's best to apply it before you get on the plane tho to be considerate of your fellow passengers. Although, I often get the comment from my neighbor..."boy, you sure smell nice" which I immediately offer to share in the aroma...:)

For the wellness blends, I usually apply in the morning before I leave and again at night. Oftentimes to my chest or bottom of my feet. Or, if I feel like there were a lot of 'coughs heard 'round the airport', I might apply one to my chest and one to the bottom of my feet as soon as I get where I'm going, or even to my chest before I get on the plane. 

It's Peoply Out There

Wellness Warrior

Tension Melter

I've Got Too Much Luggage

Honorable mentions....

Calm Me Down

Just Relax

Worries Away

Making an essential oil roller bottle blend is easy, simple, can help tension melt away while traveling, and help you to stay above the wellness line! 

For more essential oil recipes, tips, and tricks, designed so that you never wonder what to do with your essential oils again, jump into 'The Weekly Oiler' HERE


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