Essential Oils for Traveling with Pets: Stress-Free Journeys
Traveling with your furry companion can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Pets, especially dogs, can often experience stress, anxiety, and stomach upset during journeys. Essential oils, derived from plants, have gained popularity for their potential to help these issues in pets. In this blog, we'll explore the world of essential oils for traveling with dogs, providing you with valuable insights, safety tips, and alternative methods to help ensure your furry friend enjoys a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Understanding Pet Travel Anxiety

Before delving into the world of essential oils, it's essential to understand the root causes of pet travel anxiety. Traveling, whether by car, plane, or any other means, can be unsettling for pets due to several reasons:

1. New Environments: Dogs are creatures of habit, and being in a new and unfamiliar environment can trigger anxiety.

2. Motion Sickness: Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from motion sickness during car rides or flights, leading to nausea and discomfort.

3. Separation Anxiety: Leaving their familiar surroundings or being separated from their owners can make pets anxious.

4. Loud Noises: The noises associated with travel, such as engine sounds, turbulence, or loud fellow passengers, can distress pets.

Now that we understand the potential causes of travel anxiety, let's explore how essential oils can help mitigate these issues.

The Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their wellness properties. When used correctly, these natural extracts can help alleviate tension and discomfort in pets, including dogs. Here are some essential oils that can come in handy during travel:

1. Lavender Oil: Lavender is known as the 'Swiss Army knife' of essential oils. When in doubt, try lavender. It's also well known and studied for its calming and relaxing properties. It can help relax dogs and reduce tension during travel.

2. Roman Chamomile Oil: This soothing essential oil is known to promote relaxation and calmness in dogs. Its gentle, relaxing properties make it useful for reducing tension during stressful situations, making it an excellent choice for soothing nervous pets.

3. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is a popular choice for enhancing dogs' digestive well-being, offering relief from occasional stomach discomfort and fostering optimal digestion. Moreover, when applied topically, peppermint oil delivers a refreshing sensation, making it an excellent option for comforting muscles and joints that may experience discomfort due to inactivity during travel.

4. Frankincense Oil: Frankincense can be used to promote balance and reduce tension in dogs. Frankincense is known for its grounding and calming effects. It can be used to help pets feel more secure during travel.

5. Cedarwood Oil: Cedarwood oil has a calming scent that can help reduce tension and promote relaxation in dogs. With its earthy and woody aroma, cedarwood essential oil can create a peaceful atmosphere for both dogs and their owners alike.

6. Ginger oil: This warm and spicy oil is often used to soothe occasional digestive discomfort and promote a healthy digestive system in dogs. Its natural wellness properties may also help ease joint and muscle discomfort, creating a sense of comfort and mobility on long travel days.

7. DiGize™ Essential Oil Blend from Young Living™: Digize™ is a powerful blend of essential oils from Young Living. This unique combination includes oils like Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli. Digize is renowned for its digestive support properties, making it a must-have for anyone looking to support a healthy digestive system. 

8. Valor™ Essential Oil Blend from Young Living™: Valor™ is an empowering blend of essential oils exclusively from Young Living. This remarkable blend combines frankincense, spruce, blue tansy, and rosewood to create a harmonious synergy that helps balance emotions. Valor is famously known for its grounding properties, promoting feelings of courage, confidence, and inner strength. 

Using Essential Oils Safely

While essential oils can offer numerous benefits for pets, it's crucial to use them safely and responsibly. Here are some guidelines for using essential oils with your furry travel companion:

1. Quality is Key: I believe the number one issue for pet safety is quality of essential oils. Unfortunately not all essential oils are created equally and there is little regulation in the industry. The majority of essential oils on the market today are either adulterated or low quality. Distilling essential oils is an art steeped in knowledge. For more info on how to make sure you are purchasing pure and premium essential oils, click HERE.

2. Dilute: Essential oils are potent and in general should be diluted before use. When you use an essential oil in a diffuser, you are diluting it. For topical application, you can mix the essential oil with a carrier oil. I like to use fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil. You could also use an oil like olive or jojoba oil as well.  For more info on carrier oils, click HERE.

3. Diffusion: A diffuser can be an effective way to disperse calming essential oils in the air during travel. You can simply purchase a portable travel diffuser or use cotton balls and wooden clothespins. You can even simply wear the essential oil as a perfume and be a walking diffuser for your dog. To dive into making your own perfume with essential oils, click HERE.

4. Observation: Monitor your pet's reaction to essential oils. If you notice any adverse effects, discontinue use and see if you can't dive deep into the reaction and how you are using the essential oil.

5. Individuality: Every dog is different and can react to essential oils in different ways. Keep in mind that age, size, breed, and health can factor into how your animal processes essential oils.

6. Travel Test: If you plan to use essential oils during travel, introduce them to your pet in a non-stressful environment beforehand to gauge their response. It also works well to anchor the essential oil with positive feelings by trying the essential oil during a positive experience like playtime or cuddle time. This can train your dog to associate the particular essential oil to a positive experience further adding to the relaxing properties. 

Essential Oils for Specific Travel Issues

Now, let's explore how to use specific essential oils that can address common travel-related concerns in pets.

1. Stress and Tension:

2. Motion Sickness, Nausea, or Stomach Discomfort:

   - Ginger oil
   - DiGize™ 

3. Separation Anxiety:

   - Vetiver oil
   - Valor™ 

4Muscle And Joint Discomfort:

Pick one of the above essential oils based on need and:

  • Add a few drops to a car diffuser 
  • No diffuser- add a few drops to some cotton balls or wooden clothespins and place in the air vent
  • Wear the essential oil as a perfume and be a walking diffuser for your dog 
  • Place a drop on your dogs bedding
  • Diffuse in hotel
  • Mix a drop with coconut oil and rub it on your pet's belly in a clockwise motion to aid digestion
  • Mix a drop with coconut oil and rub it along your dogs spine
  • Mix a drop with coconut oil and rub it into area of need like hips or shoulders 
Tips for Stress-Free Pet Travel

In addition to using essential oils, here are some general tips to help ensure a stress-free journey with your furry friend:

1. Familiarity: Bring familiar items like their bed, toys, and blanket to provide comfort.

2. Gradual Acclimation: If possible, acclimate your pet to the travel carrier or crate gradually before the trip. Make it a positive place, by rewarding your dog with treats and praise.  

3. Exercise: Give your pet plenty of exercise before traveling to help reduce their anxiety.

4. Regular Breaks: Plan frequent stops during road trips to allow your pet to stretch, relieve themselves, and stay hydrated.

5. Adequate Rest: Ensure your pet gets enough rest the night before travel to reduce fatigue and tension.

6. Positive Reinforcement: Reward your pet with treats and praise when they exhibit calm behavior during travel.

7. Identification: Make sure your pet has proper identification and is microchipped, just in case the unexpected happens. 

8. First-Aid Kit: Pack a pet first-aid kit with essential supplies, including any necessary medications. 

Alternative Methods for Pet Comfort

In addition to essential oils, several alternative methods can help alleviate travel-related stress and discomfort in pets:

1. Pheromone Products: Consider using pheromone collars that mimic the natural calming scents of mother dogs or cats.

2. Anti-Anxiety Apparel: Specialized anxiety wraps and vests can provide a sense of security for nervous pets.

3. Prescription Medications: Consult your veterinarian for prescription medications that may be appropriate for your pet's specific needs.

4. Crate Training: Proper crate training can help your pet feel secure during travel.

5. Music and White Noise: Playing calming music or white noise in the car or travel crate can mask unfamiliar sounds.

6. Pet Travel Accessories: Invest in travel-specific accessories like seat belts, carriers, and collapsible water bowls, designed to make travel streamlined and easy.

Traveling with dogs doesn't have to be a miserable experience for you or your furry friend. By understanding the root causes of travel tension and utilizing essential oils, along with other tips and techniques, you can help ensure a less stressful journey for your beloved pet. 

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