How to safely clean your mirrors and windows with just 4 ingredients!
This easy DIY will have your mirrors and glass clean and streak free. Using ingredients you most likely already have in your house, you can get the same clean for a fraction of the cost of buying the blue stuff...and your house will smell aah-mazing. 

Instead of having to open the windows to air out your house, having to wear gloves, and worry about possible health effects, you can sit back and just inhale the beautiful aroma left over from cleaning  your glasses and mirrors.

All ya need is: 
2 cups distilled water
1/4 cup alcohol (rubbing or vodka)
1/2 cup white vinegar
15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
15 drops Orange Essential Oil

Simply add all of the ingredients into a quart size spray bottle, shake well each time you use, spray and wipe. Easy peasy!

I prefer to use vodka in my recipes because rubbing alcohol has a more pungent aroma. 

You can also use any essential oils that you would like but the citrus oils work well to help remove residues and grime, and they are the least expensive essential oils you can buy! 

Tap water is ok too, but ya might get some streaks, so distilled water is preferred. You can also omit the alcohol but it contributes to streak free and helps the mixture dry quickly.

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