My Top 5 Essential Oils For RV Travel
I love to travel around in my bumper pull RV. One of the things I love about RV travel is you are not as limited on space as you are when traveling by plane. I love to take everything but the kitchen sink-lol...ya never know if it might come in handy and I would much rather have it and not need it than want it and not have it! 

So how does this relate to essential oils? Well I'm on an RV trip now and I literally took 3 full cases of essential oils 'cause I had the room-haha....but I find myself reaching for the same ones over and I'd like to share with you my top 5 essential oils I keep

First you'll notice that I use the essential oils aromatically, topically, and by ingesting them. When I ingest them, I only use essential oils labeled for ingestion, and I like Young Living's Vitality™ product line. With Young Living™, I never worry about quality ('cause all essential oils are not created equally) and I've been to their farms and have seen firsthand the Seed To Seal™ process- to read more about HERE)

Since Young Living's Vitality™ essential oils are the same essential oil as the regular label essential oils, just labeled for ingestion, you can get away with taking only one bottle :) 

1.) PEPPERMINT: Hands down, #1. Let me count the ways I use Peppermint-haha! It's my go to essential oil. 
 -First, I love a drop in my coffee every mornin'. ( Peppermint Vitality™ labeled for ingestion) Inhaling the aroma from my cup invigorates my senses and helps to wake me up, then the taste...I never thought peppermint coffee would taste so good. 
 -Then we usually head out for a hike and depending on the temperature, a drop of Peppermint in the palms, then rubbed on the back of the neck, cools me off quickly. 
 -Any digestive upset with me or the dogs can benefit from a diluted drop rubbed on the abdomen. A drop of Peppermint Vitality™ down the hatch in a capsule can come in super handy as well!
 -Inhaling the aroma serves as a nice pick me up during the late afternoon slumps. I either just smell from the bottle or start a diffuser. 
 -If you have over exerted yourself in the daily activities, rubbing a few drops of peppermint on the areas can really help. It's easy to put a dollop of coconut oil in your palm, add a few drops of peppermint, and then you have plenty to cover any areas that ya may be feeling' some tension or discomfort in. 
 -Hanging around outside, if the pests start to come out, its super handy to make up a quick spray by adding 10 drops to a couple of ounces of water. Then have fun spritzing about and on everyone-haha!

2.) Next up CEDARWOOD: I love to diffuse Cedarwood while I'm away from the camper to keep the dogs calm. It's also a great relaxer at the end of the day or bedtime, especially if anyone is finding it hard to fall asleep. 
 -Sometimes in an RV showers can be limited, so I like to rub a few drops into my scalp and hair on non wash days, and it also makes a great addition to my face moisturizer. 
 -If you are sittin' outside the camper at night and find some 'pests' buzzing around, it can be a great help to rub a few drops on exposed skin. I like to do this with the dogs too after diluting it with a dollop of coconut oil. It's good for their coat too!

3.) LEMON: I have a filter on the water intake to the RV, but I'm used to reverse osmosis at home, so I like to add a drop of Lemon Vitality™  to my water bottle each time I fill it up so I don't notice the difference in taste ( stainless steel-no plastic!)(you can use glass but I don't like to camp with glass cause I'm always breaking it-lol) 
 -A drop of Lemon rubbed into the abdomen can also be a good addition to Peppermint, if you have eaten something that wasn't that great for you. 
 -I also tend to take a lot of pre-packaged food, dips, etc. and Lemon Vitality™  can be a great flavor boost. A drop in some cream cheese for a mornin' bagel, a drop in some dip with crackers, a couple drops in guacamole (helps it last longer too) or even several drops in a fruit salad to add flavor. (For more ways you can use essential oils with your food, click here and grab my freebie 'Boost Your Flavor' HERE) Lemon Vitality™ contains antioxidants and can also be used for immune and circulatory support.

4.) COPAIBA: Great for any discomfort or tension, dogs too! 
 -It's also a very mild oil in aroma if you have guests in the camper that need a little time to get used to an oilers aroma-haha! 
 -I generally dilute any essential oil I use with my dogs, especially 'cause they are all under 10 lbs. But sometimes, if I'm in a hurry or need an oil quickly, Copaiba is a mild oil that I have used on occasion undiluted with no problems. I especially like to use it on any minor irritations that may come up with the dogs, or areas of discomfort that I might notice crop up. 
 -Taking a drop of Copaiba Vitality™  in a capsule is great overall wellness support while traveling.  

5.)  FRANKINCENSE: Almost as many uses as Peppermint! It can be very helpful for calming, in a diffuser or a diluted drop rubbed along the spine of my chihuahua BooBoo..he gets very scared of the wind...well really any noise, and Frankincense usually works to calm him right down...and me too :) 
 -It's another oil that you can use on any skin irritations, rub into your scalp, or add to your daily moisturizer. 
 -If everyone is getting tired of each other in the smaller space, passing around the Frankincense bottle is like magic! 
 -Frankincense Vitality™ is also a good essential oil to take in a capsule to support the immune system. Add a drop of Lemon Vitality™ to augment the immune support and for added circulatory benefits. 

If you're like me an wanna take a case of oils-rock on...if not-no worries, 'cause I got ya covered with my top list of top 5. 

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