Jade Lemon™ Essential Oil: The Bright and Uplifting Citrus Oil
Have you heard about Jade Lemon™ essential oil and ever wondered what the health benefits are, or how it's different from lemon essential oil, or even what you might use it for? This natural, powerful essential oil, exclusive to Young Living™ Essential Oils can offer a range of benefits, from its bright and uplifting unique lemon aroma to its cleansing properties. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the origins, aroma, benefits, and uses of jade lemon essential oil. Let’s get started!

What is Jade Lemon Essential Oil?

Jade lemon essential oil is an aromatic substance extracted from the fruit of Citrus limon eureka var. formosensis (a subspecies of Citrus limon)through cold pressing. This essential oil is exclusive to Young Living™ Essential Oils-the world leader in essential oils. With their Seed To Seal guarantee, you know you're getting pure and premium products for your health! 

According to Young Living™ "jade lemon is grown and distilled at our Taiwan Cooperative Farm and Distillery in Taitung, Taiwan" and "has a zesty, lemon-lime aroma".

What are the Benefits of Jade Lemon Essential Oil?

Jade lemon essential oil may contain antioxidants which can help protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.* 

Diffusing jade lemon oil gives off a pleasant aroma that is uplifting and energizing, and can help to boost moods and banish negative thoughts. According to this study on PubMed.org, " results suggest that lemon oil possesses anxiolytic, antidepressant-like effects". Diffusing jade lemon can also help cleanse the air and eliminate odors. Lemon essential oil has also been studied for its affect on nausea, according to this study,on PubMed.org, "Lemon scent can be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting".

The essential oil contains three natural constituents - Limonene, Gamma terpinene, and Beta pinene - all of which boast their own positive features that can contribute to overall health maintenance and care.

Ways to Use Jade Lemon Essential Oil

Jade lemon essential oil can be used in a variety of ways including aromatherapy diffusers, bath oils/salts/soaks, and topical applications directly on the skin (when diluted-such as a massage oil). You can even add it to dishes to give them a zesty flavor kick! When using essential oils in food, you'll want to use an essential oil labeled specifically for dietary consumption. Young Living™ Jade Lemon Vitality™ is the exact same essential oil as a regular bottle of jade lemon, however it's labeled specifically as a dietary supplement. 

You can diffuse jade lemon on its own or create your own custom blend. Jade lemon blends well with other citrus oils, citronella, kunzea, lavender, and peppermint. Try making your own blend or start with these for some inspiration:

Spirit Energizer
2 drops jade lemon 
2 drops orange
2 drops kunzea

Odor Be gone
3 drops jade lemon
3 drops citronella

Body Boost
4 drops jade lemon
2 drops peppermint

If you don't have an essential oil diffuser, you can still easily use essential oils. Simply grab a glass spray bottle, add your essential oil, then fill halfway up with vodka, and the remainder of the way up with water. Shake well and mist anywhere you need odor control or want to cleanse the air. Usually about 20 drops of essential oil per 2 ounces of water works well, but feel free to customize the strength based on your nose! If ya need step by step guide to making an essential oil spray bottle, click HERE!

If topical application is desired, it's recommended to blend jade lemon essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or even olive oil, before applying to skin. Doing so can help prevent any negative reactions or sensitivities when applying this essential oil to your skin. Additionally, if you're using jade lemon essential oil topically as part of a skincare routine, be aware that citrus oils are known to cause photosensitivity in some individuals. Photosensitivity simply means it can increase your sensitivity to sunlight and cause a burn, rash or other discoloration on the skin. To protect your skin from potential damage, you should avoid direct sunlight for at least 12 hours after applying a citrus oil topically. This is easy to do by using citrus essential oils at night or applying them under clothing. 

Incorporating the wonderfully zesty flavor of jade lemon into your food and beverages is a great way to add brightness, and a elevation of flavor! Whether you're trying to jazz up a salad or make an unique twist on a classic lemonade, Jade Lemon Vitality™ can be the perfect solution. You can even use Jade Lemon Vitality™ to boost your water intake by adding a drop as many times daily as you need to a glass of water. Be sure to use a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel water bottle, as essential oils degrade plastic products. 

Jade Lemon Vitality™ has cleansing properties and may support digestion when taken as a dietary supplement*, so why not explore the possibilities and add some Jade Lemon Vitality™to your next dish? You won't be disappointed by its unique lemon lime flavor.

Try this simple, easy, and healthy Jade Lemon Vitality™ salad dressing recipe to get you started:

For more ways you can use essential oils in your food, grab my free e-book "Boost Your Flavor" HERE

Jade Lemon vs Lemon essential oil

The difference between these two oils is subtle. Both have a fresh, uplifting aroma that cleanses the air and eliminates odors when used aromatically. Both also can provide cleansing properties and support digestive health, when taken internally. Both can be used to add a fresh flavor to food and beverages. Jade lemon has a lime undertone and I think it has a bit softer scent than lemon, and perhaps a tad sweeter.  I often use the two interchangeably, so when you are wondering which one to use, use the one you have, rotate the two, or pick the one you like the aroma or taste of the most! 

In conclusion, jade lemon essential oil can offer many benefits that make it an ideal choice for those looking for natural remedies for emotions, cleansing, and digestive support. Its vibrant aroma can help reduce tension and elevate the mind while its cleansing qualities make it effective for odor control, cleaning, and skincare.  Additionally, it can be  added into dishes for a zesty flavor kick! 

Click here to grab a bottle and give Jade Lemon™ a try today! (This is an affiliate link and I earn a small commission from your order at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my small business! I'm so excited to help you get started, that I'll connect with you once you order and send you something special!) 

*This blog is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease or medical condition, and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult a medical professional prior to using essential oils as a dietary supplement, especially if you are taking medication.*


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