How To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil With Horses
Cedarwood is one of my favorite essential oils to use with horses! Because It's....

-Super cost effective (under $16.00 for 15 ml)
-A very calming oil
-Great for grounding
-Mild oil and aroma
-Helps with pests
-Good for skin, coat, and hooves
-Helps your horse to have a shiny mane and tail

Here are some of the ways I like to use the way if you're new to using essential oils with your horse, be sure to grab my free guide where we go over what you need to know to use essential oils safely and easily with your horse, including safety and dilution, click HERE!

-Wear a drop as a perfume when you head to the barn so you stay calm and grounded and help your horse stay calm and grounded.

-Add a couple drops to your hands, rub together and work thru the mane. Then repeat for the tail.

-Add a drop to the palms of your hands, rub together, let your horse smell, then apply leftover to the poll area.

-Add 20 drops into a 4 oz. spray bottle, fill up with water, shake well, and mist the coat while you brush. This is great to help with static, flys, and helps to condition the coat. For a step by step guide to making a spritzer, click HERE!

-Add around 3-5 drops to a dollop of coconut oil and rub into the coronet bands for hoof care.

(Cedarwood is a very mild oil and while I usually dilute all of my essential oils when I use them with my horses, Cedarwood is one that I do use undiluted from time to time.)

Ready to learn more? Check out my mini course "Oily Horse Intro" where we dive into the what, where, how, and why, of getting started using essential oils with your horse...safely and easily! Check it out HERE!


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