Infuse your olive oil for next level flavor!
It's no secret I don't like to cook...but I love to eat a flavorful dish, especially one that's healthy for me. There in lies the dilemma-how do you create a next level dish full of flavor by just throwing a few ingredients together (my style of cooking-lol) ?!

Easy! You add essential oils! Only use essential oils labeled for ingestion, though! Read your labels! I like and use Young Living's Vitality™ Line. A full line of essential oils labeled specifically for ingestion! If you don't have essential oils yet and want to grab some for the below recipes, click HERE, it’ll take ya to a bundle I created listing all of the essential oils used in the recipes below, from the world leader in essential oils-Young Living™. Simply pick which ones you’d like, add to the cart, and check out! Easy peasy and thanks for supporting my small business! (This is an affiliate link and I earn a small commission from your order at no cost to you.)

How do you add the essential oils? Glad you asked :)

One way is by infusing your olive oil. This makes it super easy to add flavor to any meal, whether you are cooking it or buying it ready made. Once infused, you can drizzle it over vegetables, bread, pasta, meats, or make a salad dressing. You can even drizzle it over popcorn instead of butter and salt! 

Generally I like to add 2 drops of essential oil per ounce of olive oil, but feel free to experiment.  There are some flavors, like Ginger, that I prefer stronger so I add more. Start on the low side though, and then try your olive oil before adding more. You can always add more, it's much harder to dilute out if you add too much. I have also found when adding multiple essential oils, there is usually one I like to add more of and one less. For example, when mixing Lemon & Black Pepper, I like to use the 2 drops per oz. of Lemon, but then only add 1 drop per oz. of Black Pepper. 

Here are a few of my favorite flavor combinations: I generally buy several 8 oz. bottles of olive oil and add the drops of essential oil directly to the bottle. Then I gently invert the bottle to mix well. You can use right away, as the essential oil is incorporated very quickly into the olive oil, and the flavor boost is readily apparent.  That's one benefit over dried herbs, no need to let sit on the shelf for awhile!

This can also make a great gift! You can by inexpensive cute glass jars on amazon. Depending on the size, just do the math for how much essential oil to add. Then you can dress it up with ribbons or bows and make a label to tape on. You can buy sheets of labels on Amazon, or download my free 'PDF Label Sheet' HERE. Simply print, cut, and adhere to the bottle with contact paper or clear packing tape. Nothing says love like a handmade gift!

The below recipes are for adding to 8 oz. of olive oil. If you have a larger or smaller bottle of olive oil, just do the math and stick to 2 drops per oz. as a guideline. 

Lemon & Black Pepper 
16 drops Lemon
8 drops Black Pepper

Lemon & Basil
16 drops Lemon
8 drops Basil

Rosemary & Sage
8 drops Rosemary
8 drops Sage

Oregano & Thyme
16 drops each

Lemongrass & Mint
16 drops Lemongrass
8 drops Peppermint

Lemon & Dill
16 drops Lemon
16 drops Dill

And this one is my favorite for drizzling over popcorn...I add the following oils to 8 oz. of olive oil.

16 drops Cinnamon, 16 drops Orange, and 8 drops Cardamom 

I feel like this is a healthier alternative versus butter and salt..and great for vegans. 

Don't be afraid to experiment, but make smaller batches, just in case ya don't like what you created.

You can also easily infuse salt, butter, tea, and even your water! For more tips on using essential oils with your food, download my free guide 'Boost Your Flavor' HERE


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