Healthy Hacks To Clean Your Home!
Have you ever turned over one of the cleaning products you have bought and actually read the label? The first time I did that-yikes! 'Hazardous to humans' 'May cause cancer'... If ya haven't, I encourage you to read your labels...When I saw those warnings, there was no way I was using that! With a whole herd of dogs and cats in my house tho, I still needed to clean. Thankfully with some basic household ingredients that are inexpensive and essential oils, easy DIY cleaners are at our fingertips!

One of the easiest cleaners to make is equal parts white vinegar and water. I like to add Lemon essential oil or Pine essential oil, and sometimes I will add both for an outstanding aroma and a cleaning boost. If you have natural stone, granite, or marble, vinegar isn't recommended as it can scratch and dull the countertop, and affect the sealers. You will want to use plain ol' soap and water. 

When I'm using soap and water, I like to take a quart size spray bottle, add a couple of tablespoons of liquid Castile soap, then fill with water. Simply squirt and wipe, easy peasy! For more info on Castile soap and my favorite hand soap recipe click HERE 

Side note: Sometimes I have an 'ant attack' in my kitchen..I make the above soap spray and add about 30 drops of Peppermint essential oil. It hasn't failed me yet-lol.

Alcohol (at least 60%) is one of the most effective alternatives to chemical cleaners. You can use 2 parts vodka to 1 part water and let it sit on the surface for about 30 seconds. I also add about 30 drops of essential oil. You can use isopropyl rubbing alcohol instead of vodka, but I find its aroma a bit more pungent, so I stick with Vodka or Everclear. My fave essential oil to add to this is a blend from Young Living™ called Thieves™. Lemon and Orange also work well and fill the house with a happy and uplifting aroma. 

You can also make an effective cleaner with hydrogen peroxide. The CDC  acknowledges that hydrogen peroxide does effectively kill viruses and bacteria. You will need to let the peroxide sit for at least one minute before wiping away. Since light breaks down hydrogen peroxide, you will want to keep it in a  dark colored bottle, or you can simply take the bottle you buy the peroxide in and add a spray top. You can add a cleaning boost and aroma with any essential oils that you like, try Pine! To stretch your peroxide further, or make a milder solution-mix a half a cup with 2.5 cups of water, and make a spray. 

And if DIY isn't your thing at all but you still want an effective household cleaner that's safe for you and your pets...Thieves™ Household cleaner to the rescue. Using plant based ingredients and the power of Thieves™ essential oil blend, you can safely and effectively clean. It comes super concentrated, simply add 1 or 2 capfuls to a quart size spray bottle and fill with water. It's also highly economical, costing less than 2.00 per each quart sized spray bottle ya make.

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