Start doing this today...everything depends on it!
Drumroll.....reading labels.....on every product you buy.

You don't know what you don't know....until you do know....and how do you read your labels!

You might think "well, they wouldn't be able to sell it if it isn't safe-right?! Unfortunately that's just not the case in today's world. There is minimal regulation and loopholes where companies aren't required to list ingredients due to trade secrets. Companies can also claim a product has zero of an ingredient even tho it still contains the ingredient, if that said  ingredient amount, is below a certain percentage. Yikes-right?!

Now that you're reading your labels (wink)...what should you be looking for?

Foodwise- look for products that have minimal ingredients. Say no to products that contain artificial sweeteners (products using stevia or monk fruit are safer alternatives), preservatives, artificial dyes and food coloring.

With your personal care products, my top 3 to avoid are fragrance, artificial preservatives, and dyes.

Yes, some products need preservatives, so look for products that use plant based options like grapefruit seed extract, vit. e, or citric acid.

If there's an ingredient you can't pronounce and you don't know what it is, google 'dangers of ______'  and see what comes up....

You can also check products out on The Environmental Working Groups website,

Last but not least, look for products labeled cruelty free or 'leaping bunny'. Animal testing isn't necessary and If you're anything like me-we don't want our dollars going towards that, we vote with our wallets! 

Safer products are out do I know? I read my labels :)

If you want to go more in depth on what to look for and what to avoid, click HERE and check out my '5 Days To A Healthier Home" challenge that'll easily put you on the right track to a safer and more natural home without overwhelm!


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