How to make a dry shampoo for your dog
First question you might ask-is why-lol...why do I need a dry shampoo. Let me show you how handy a dry shampoo has been for me and my dogs! 

First things first, if your dog seems to always have an odor and he isn't rollin' in anything, you should schedule a visit to your vet. That's not normal, any odor form the mouth or ears should be evaluated and same for if its coming from the skin or coat- you may need to look at what your fur kid is eating. Brushing your dogs hair at least twice weekly does wonders for the coat. It helps to distribute your dogs natural oils throughout the coat, and helps gets rid of dead hair and skin.

So, I'm getting ready to leave for the day, and I go to kiss my snugs goodbye (doesn't everyone kiss their dog goodbye?) and pee yewww! She must have just rolled in something. Well, I've really got to get out the door, but I don't want her puttin' that stink everywhere until I get home, so I pull out my dry shampoo. Don't worry, this DIY dry shampoo only has 3 ingredients so even if you dont have any pre-made, you can whip it up almost instantly. 

All you need is baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oils! 

Simply mix equal parts baking soda and cornstarch, and add about 10 drops of essential oil per 2 cups. If you were making it on the fly, sprinkle a little of baking soda, then a little of cornstarch in your palm, and add a drop of essential oil. There are so many times that this comes in handy tho, that I like to take 1 cup of each, mix it together, and add about 10 drops of essential oil. Then I transfer it to a jelly jar and poke holes in the lid so I can shake it on the coat. An empty spice container works too, or even a bowl and an old paint brush for little dogs. 

It's also come in handy 'cause bath time stresses out several of my chihuahuas and sometimes they just start to get that doggie smell. Using this dry shampoo in between baths helps to keep the coat fresh and clean. 

Then there's winter...I don't like to bathe in winter, especially my Great Pyrenees. With all that hair, its way too cold and he'd never dry, yet he likes to roll around in the dirt...all.. day..long..I really like using the dry shampoo before he comes in the house.

I like to use calming essential oils that are also good for the skin. My favorite for this recipe is Cedarwood. It's a very inexpensive essential oil too. I also occasionally use Myrrh, and Lavender is a good choice too. Frankincense is also at the top of my list!

So the next time you need some doggie odor control and would rather not on a bath, give this recipe a try!

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