Get your feet ready for summer with these DIY foot scrubs using essential oils!
Summer is on its way-Yay!! But after a winter in socks and living in the desert, my feet aren't flip-flop worthy.... Thank goodness it's so easy to make your own scrubs that will help exfoliate and moisturize. They're much cheaper than what you can buy and you can customize the aroma to your liking, and oftentimes it's much healthier for you as you can make your own without artificial fragrances, dyes, and petroleum products.

Making your own foot scrub is super easy, you really don't even need a recipe. All you need is an exfoliator and a moisturizer.

A basic recipe that works well is 2 parts exfoliator and 1 part moisturizer. Then add around 5 drops essential oil for recipes up to 4 ounces.

An exfoliator is an ingredient that is used to remove dead and dry skin and that allows the moisturizer to soak in better. Removing dead skin and dirt from the surface of the skin cleans the skin, gives it a radiant look, and a healthy glow. It also reveals newer healthier skin and speeds up the renewal process. A moisturizer is used to help soften, soothe and condition the skin. Of course, I always add essential oils for an aroma boost and many essential oils add extra benefits for the skin.

The best exfoliator for feet is salt. It has a courser granule than most other exfoliators and foot skin is tougher skin that the rest of the body. You can use plain salt or get as fancy as ya like. Himalayan salt adds a nice pink color If you are gift giving. Compounds in Epsom salt may add additional benefits. 

If you have any cuts, wounds, or scrapes on your feet, or cracked heels, use sugar. It has a smaller granule and will not sting like salt will. It's also better for sensitive skin due to the granule size. 

I've seen some scrub recipes using coffee grinds and have tried a few myself. Coffee can add a great aroma and contains compounds that may benefit skin. Coffee contains caffeic acid which is an antioxidant and caffeine can stimulate blood flow, which may increase circulation. However, the granule is very fine so if using coffee grinds you'll want to mix it with salt or sugar to get enough exfoliation. Be careful where you use your scrub, as the grinds don't dissolve like sugar or salt will, and you don't want to create a plumbing issue. Use equal parts coffee grounds to salt. An easy recipe is 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon coffee grinds, and 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Consider a coffee filter over your drain.

If your feet are really dry and itchy, you can use oatmeal as part of the exfoliator. Mix equal parts with salt or sugar, as oatmeal by itself doesn't exfoliate as well as salt or sugar.

My two favorite moisturizers are olive oil and coconut oil. You probably already have these oils (and salt and sugar too) so you don't need to purchase anything else. Both of these oils are good for dry, cracked heels. You can use any carrier oil that you like as your moisturizer, so feel free to experiment. I also have used and like:

-Fractionated Coconut Oil-Liquid coconut oil without the aroma.It's easier to mix, but not as moisturizing.
-Jojoba Oil-Has a long shelf life if you are making gifts. It's known as a very effective and soothing moisturizer. It is similar to the oils naturally produced by our skin, so it absorbs well, but is a more expensive carrier oil to purchase.
-Castor oil-A very thick carrier oil that is known as a humectant, making it good for very dry skin. I find it has an aroma that I'm not that fond of.
-Vitamin E-Extends the shelf life of your recipe if making in bulk or gift giving, and adds antioxidants. 

Adding essential oils can add additional benefits to your foot scrub and will add a wonderful aroma as well. My favorite is Peppermint essential oil which is great for tired feet. Lavender essential oil can help relaxation for a nighttime scrub. Lemon essential oil is wonderful for dirty feet. Myrrh essential oil is my go to for dry, chapped, and cracked heels.  Consider Tea Tree essential oil if you have areas of concern on your feet or toenails. If you are using sugar, consider vanilla oleoresin for a great aroma and often I will add Peppermint and Vanilla together...yum!!

It's generally recommended to use a foot scrub once to twice per week. If your feet are really dry and callused, soaking first in warm water for 10 minutes can be helpful. Also using the scrub right before bedtime and then wearing socks will help to lock in moisture.
If you are not getting the desired results with the foot scrub, consider using a pumice stone in addition to the foot scrub.

My basic favorite easy recipe:
2 TBS Salt
1 TBS Coconut Oil
3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

My basic favorite easy sensitive skin recipe:
2 TBS Brown Sugar
1 TBS Coconut Oil
3 Drops Vanilla Oleoresin 
1 Drop Myrrh Essential Oil

My basic favorite easy coffee grind recipe:
1 TBS Coffee Grinds
1 TBS Sugar 
1 TBS Coconut Oil
2 Drops Vanilla Oleoresin 
1 Drop Cinnamon Essential Oil

My basic favorite easy oatmeal recipe:
1 TBS Oatmeal (dry)
1 TBS Sugar 
1 TBS Coconut Oil
3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

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