Eliminate odors in the bathroom with 2 easy DIY's
This is by far one of the easiest DIY's for air fresheners evah! 

All you need is essential oils. Any essential oil you like the aroma of. Altho, I love to use the citrus oils for this. They are the least expensive essential oils and have a 'high' aroma that fills the bathroom and hangs around. Lemongrass is a close second for the same reasons.

Simply add about 5 drops of essential oil to the inside cardboard roll of your toilet paper and refresh as needed. If you need more scent, add more oils....or that brings us to my number 2 easy DIY, which involves clothespins.

You simply add about 5 drops to a wood clothespin and pin in inconspicuous places...like on the back of a decorative towel...on the back of a picture....or hide behind a knickknack. I like to use the same oils mentioned above, or use your favorite! These are also great to pin anywhere in the house you need odor control. They are especially useful for closets as well. 

Packs of clothespins are cheap and easily bought on Amazon. You can use cotton balls instead, but I find the clothespins are easier to stash by clipping to something and don't stand out color wise.

Of course, you can always use a diffuser too! It's nice to set up the toilet paper roll and clothespins one time and then forget about them until you start missin' the aroma and refresh. Where with a diffuser, you have to work slightly harder-lol...

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