Now What?! Let's get those oils on!
So.... we've chatted smellin' our oils and eatin' 'em.....Now let's chat gettin' 'em on!

I can't stress enough, ya gotta read your labels, they will tell you how the essential oil is safe to use. The label will tell you if you can use it topically, as a supplement (orally), or by simply inhaling. It will tell you if the oil is a photosensitive oil (meaning increases sensitivity to sunlight). It will also tell you if ya need to dilute it first. 

Let's chat a minute about photosensitive oils...we just learned that they may increase our sensitivity to the sun and our skin may burn more easily and quicker in the area of application.. So, what do we do?! We apply at night or under clothing...generally 12-24 hours prior to sun exposure is adequate.

If ya do need to dilute before do ya do that, you ask?!

You simply mix it with a carrier oil. What is a carrier oil?! 

A carrier oil is simply a fatty vegetable oil, usually derived from the nuts and seeds of plants (think olive oil or coconut oil) that is used to 'carry' the essential oil. For more info on dilution and carrier oils, check out my blog post "Should I Dilute My Essential Oils?...And With What?! HERE....

I like to keep things simple, so here is my 'easy button' for dilution....take a swipe of coconut oil with your finger, put in palm of hand, add a drop of essential oil, rub your palms together and apply. I like olive oil too 'cause I have it in my kitchen and don't have to purchase anything different.

Making a rollerball is also an easy way to dilute and have your oils ready to go. If ya don't know how to make a rollerball, download my step by step guide HERE

While we're on the topic of dilution, you may have heard of the term 'hot oil'. What is a hot oil?! A 
hot oil is an oil that may cause redness or irritation with application. Oils high in phenols such as Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Clove, and Basil are some examples. 

It doesn't mean ya can't use these oils, just means ya need to dilute or find the best way to use them. Let's take Oregano for example- I don't want to smell like a pizza all day long, so I might take Oregano Vitality™ in a capsule for my immune system, rather than apply topically....

Here are some ideas to get you started with topical application:

  • Make a rollerball (need help-grab my freebie 'How To Make A Rollerball' HERE)
  • Use in a massage oil
  • Make a liniment 
  • Make your own perfume (need help-check out my blog post on 'DIY Perfume' HERE)
  • Make your own deodorant (download my fave recipe HERE)
  • Add a drop to your natural face cream, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toner, lotion (really any natural skincare product you have to make it better or give it an added benefit)
Our Skin is our largest organ so supporting it is never a bad idea!

If you are using a roll on, massage oil, or liniment, you might ask-where should I apply?! Answer is, it depends on what you're using it for.... for example:
  • perfume...wrists, back of neck pulse points
  • deodorant...underarms
  • Massage oil or area that you want to support
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Oil on!


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