Now What?! Can I 'eat' my oils?
Welcome back to 'Ya got some oils-Now What?!' week we chatted bout a fun way to use your oils by simply smelling them, if ya missed it...check it out HERE

This week let's chat about another way you can use your oils, by 'eating' them. Say what?! We can 'eat' our oils?! Short answer....YES!..... but it does depend......on what, you ask? Well, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Only ingest an essential oil labeled for use in this way... How do ya know that? Simple, read your labels. Any essential oil you buy will have a label and that label should clearly state directions for use, or do not ingest. If it isn't stated, don't eat it! I like Young Living's Vitality™ Line, a complete line of essential oils labeled specifically for internal use! (easy peasy)
  2. Quality matters! One of our goals with using essential oils is to try a more natural approach and be the gatekeeper of our homes, barring chemicals that are bad for us. We sure don't want to be eating more chemicals! 
  3. You can also check out the FDA's GRAS list (google it) GRAS stands for generally regarded as safe....
  4. Remember, a little gos a long way. There can be the equivalent of around 75 lemons in one 15 ml bottle of Lemon essential oil. Wowza!
Now you may be asking how? This is the fun part, so many options! Here's my favorites:

  • Add a few drops to a capsule to support wellness
  • Add a few drops to honey, then add hot water and make a tea
  • Infuse honey, salt, vinegar, or olive oil
  • Add to recipes to boost flavor
  • Substitute in recipes for the dried herb
For a handy e-book with guidelines, substitution amounts, and some of my favorite recipes all in one place, click HERE

Stay tuned for a re-cap on topical essential oil use…and in the meantime….’Oil On’

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